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eWMS 2021

Stefan Engeseth:
 ✏ Sharkonomics – How to attack and defend your business in today’s disruptive digital waters.
Marc Oliver:
✏ How to Win through Innovation Management & Culture - Success Strategies for Companies & Entrepreneurs in Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Times
Dominique Hanssens:
✏ Marketing and Business Growth
Dr. Mazliham Bin Mohd. Suud- President, MMU, Malaysia:
✏ Before, During & After Covid-19: An Overview of University Operations and Futures Marketing Strategy
 Prof. Jonathan Deacon-University of Wales, UK:
 ✏ Hello tomorrow: postcards from yesterday
Prof. Velimir Srica-President at ELITE, Croatia:
✏ Building the new normal through values
Dr. Alberto Levy – Managing Partner, UBA, Argentina:
✏ A Radical Constructivist View of Competitive Strategy, A Cognitive - Constructivist View of Competitive Strategy
Luis Gallardo – Chairperson, World Happiness Foundation, USA:
✏ Happytalism: Key to (re) Connection.
Dominique Turpin-Dean of External Relations, IMD, Switzerland:      
✏ What does your next customer look like?
Prof. Jagdish Sheth, Emory University, USA:
✏ Post Pandemic Marketing: From Selling to Serving customers.
Denis Rothman- Expert on Artificial intelligence, France:
✏ Industry 4.0 Artificial Intelligence
Prof. Hermann Simon- Founder, HermannSimon, Germany:
✏ Hidden Champions - The New Game in the Chinese Century
Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO, Telenor, Pakistan:
✏ From Flash of Lightning to Enlightening: Building on the Covid Opportunity
Howard Tullman- Serial Entrepreneur, USA:          
✏ Critical Drivers of Consumer/Customer Behavior in the Post-Pandemic World"
Prof. David Reibstein- Wharton Business School, USA:   
✏ Return on National Brands
Gabriele Carboni-CEO Weevo, Italy:
✏ The Game-Changer of Digitial Marketing Strategies
Prof. Luiz Moutinho, Futurist & Marktech Guru, UK:
✏ Making A Better Society Post Covid-19
Dr. Stefano Bartoli- Director, Centro Di Terapia Strategica, Italy:
✏ The real goal of the new world
Prof. Nardone Giorgio:
✏ How to change the world for the better?
Marshal Goldsmith:
✏ The life plan review
Karla Oliveira Menezes- IPAM, Porto, Portugal:
✏ Redesign Through Marketing: a Consumer Neuroscience based reconstruction
Nina G. Aguas – Chairman, Insular Life Insurance, Philippine:  
✏ Imagining Tomorrow at its best.
Sesh Sukhdeo -Co-Founder, One & Done, UK:
✏ Shift vs Drift, Digital Collaborative Activism will be part of everyday lifestyle
Rawit Hanutsaha- CEO Srichand Group, Thailand:
✏ Prepare you and your team for the next decade
Dr. Pacapol Anurit- co-Founder, Mankind Consultant, Thailand:         
✏ Designing Business Ecosystem in the Next New Normal for the Thai Economy
Hermawan Kartajaya- Founder Mark Plus, Indonesia:
✏ Creating Value with Values : Post-Normal
Amir Paracha-CEO Unilever Pakistan:
✏ Humanizing Marketing in the next new normal
Dr. Vinnie Jauhari- Director Education, Microsoft India:
✏ Building the Next new Normal – Education Refresh
Nancy Lee- Bill & Melinda Foundation, USA:
✏ Social Marketing Success Stories 10 from Around the World
Dr. Thomas Foscht- Karl-Franzens University Graz, Austria:
✏ Retailing in the AI and post-covid era
Professor Franco F. Orsucci- University College London, UK:
✏ Don't let Crisis Waste
Dr. Igor Mann- Synergy Business School, Russia:
✏ Customer Focus Without Budget

Dr. Jose Paulo Santos, Neuroscientist University of Porto, Portugal:
✏ This is not sci-fi anymore. INsights into the consumers' minds based on Neuroscience and AI
Sandra Sotillo- Founder & CEO of Trust Maker, Spain:
✏ The transformational power of TRUST. Building Business for the next new normal
Royke Tumilar – CEO of Bank Negra, Indonesia:
✏ Sustainable Banking: Empowering Local SME to go Global.
Dennis Wakabayashi - CCO of WakabayaHI, USA:
✏ Greatness can start from anywhere
Maher Mezher, Founder of Innovators, Lebanon:
✏ Transform Uncertainty into Bright Innovations
Zulkifli Zaini- CEO Perusahaan Listrik Negara, Indonesia:
✏ To improve customer experience
H.E. Health Minister of Malaysia (Baba Adham):
✏ Embracing Change: The Evolution of Healthcare In The Midst Of A Pandemic
Raul Amigo, CEO & President, UMUNTU SAS, Colombia:
✏ Building a better tomorrow through Experience Design
Prijono Sugiarto- Chairman PT Astra International, Indonesia:
✏ Astra Navigating in The Ever-Changing World
Prof. Aung Tun Thet- Economic Advisor, Myanmar:
✏ Creating a Better Tommorrow through Inclusive Lens
Hamad Al Hajiri-CEO, SNOONU, Qatar:
✏ Customer Engagement & Marketing Automation
Kozo Takaoka- Ceo of K& Company, Japan: 
✏ Unlimited Marketing Opportunities in the New Reality
Guerino Delfino-Chairman LifeGate Consulting, Italy:
✏ Tao of Sustainability, an holistic attitude to make the seventh generation principle real and effective.
Kayoko Tsuchiya- CEO Seekers Base, Japan:
✏ Beyond Progress
Ariful Islam- Deputy CEO, Meezan Bank, Pakistan:           
✏ Meezan Bank - From the smallest to the best bank in Pakistan
Dr. Saad Andaleeb - Penn State University, USA:  
✏ Life without liberty is like a body without spirit
Francis J. Kong- Leadership Guru, Philippine:
✏ 3 Mental possibilities that exist in the minds of most people
Dilhan Fernando- CEO Dilmah Tea, Sri Lanka:
✏ Ceylon Tea Inspired by Purpose, authenticity and sustainability
Dr. Mohammed Huthut- Marketing consultant, Saudi Arabia:
✏ Personal Branding: practical tips to grow
Prof. Kitchen Philip- ESC Rennes School of Business, France:
✏ Changing Academic and Business Realities: the COVID Accelerant
Dan Visitchaichan, Senior Consultant and Executive Coach at SEASIA Leadavation Center Co, LTD:
✏ Marketing Skillsets to Drive Innovation
Linden Brown and Sean Brown:
✏ Market Culture
Prof. Hirotaka Takeuchi – Harvard Business School, USA:
✏ Strategy as a way of life
Neung Mr. Thannithi Apichaichotrat:
✏ Marketing your business in Thailand through conversational commerce
Ibrahim Hegazy
Dr. V Kumar -International Marketing Co. USA:
✏ CMO Power in Globalization
Abdullah Yusuf-Chairman NUB Group, Bangladesh:
✏ Hidden dimensions affecting the garments industry of Bangladesh
Dr. Khalid Hasan- CEO ResInt. Canada:          
✏ A New Life Builder and Actively Transforming to a Business Opportunity
Obaid Bin Zakria-Rector UOL, Pakistan:
✏ How to offset impact of COVID-19 on education, using digital transformation and innovative pedagogies
Mariela Pérez Chavarría - Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico:
✏ Gestion De La Reputacion Corporativa en Tiempos De Pandemia: Un Acercamiento Al Caso Mexico
Mr Mahtab Uddin Ahmed, CEO Robi Axiata:
✏ Selling Digital Products in Emerging Market

Martha Rogers-co Founder Don Peppers, USA:
✏ Do you have what it takes to Increase Customer Value?
Shahin Fatemi-CEO & President Dorsa, Iran:           
✏ Getting through the pandemic together Is there a human connection at the core of your brand's story?
Dr. Mahmood Mohamadian:
✏ Post COVID Marketing World
Dr. Atta ur Rahman - Advisor to Prime Minister of Pakistan:
✏ Innovation Driving Economies
Elia Guardiola, CEO of Serendipia , Spain:
✏ EMOTIONAL STORYTELLING: Write your story. If you don't write it, you don't exist
Tsunehiro Fukushima, CSO, Transcosmos Inc. Japan:
✏ The Future developed by Loyalty Marketing and Market Creation
Tomohisa Nomura, Executive Officer, Cyber Agent Inc:  
✏ "ABEMA", our Internet TV and Video On-Demand Service and Meeting Marketing Challenges
Stefania Pertusi- Vice President, Tetra Pak, Italy:
✏ Diversity and Inclusion
Prof. Sandra Vandermerwe:
✏ Distinguishers- Next new strategies to win customers at speed, scale and lower costs
Gautam Mahajan:
✏ Building the next new normal and creating value for yourself
Asako Hoshino, Executive Vice President, Nissan Motors Co, Japan:
✏ "Decarbonization by 2050" Nissan's Marketing Strategy Focusing on Evs
Mr. Fukatani, President & CEO of Nestle Japan:
✏ Lead in Sustainability as a Competitive Advantage
Elena Hurtado, CEO Kotler Impact LATAM, Bolivia:
✏ The logic of business consistency, from the perspective of Reputation
Mauro Bombacigno, Head of Engagement Italy:
✏ Intervista 

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